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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The component will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the component to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

If you experience errors, when you try to download a file, make sure your network policies (enforced by your company or ISP) allow downloading ZIP and/or MSI files.

Latest Releases

Using Aspose.Cells to Report Pending Notifications from a Performance and Compliance System

Learn how Aspose.Cells was used to export custom reports in dual format

Added: 6 days ago [4/20/2018] Downloads: 0 Views: 3


File Size: 418 KB

Using Aspose.Total for .NET Framework to automatically generate documents from data driven workflows

During its pilot testing, Dynecon was able to leverage Aspose’s libraries to sea...

Added: 2 weeks ago [4/16/2018] Downloads: 3 Views: 10


File Size: 715 KB

Using Aspose Cells for Java to generate automatic internal reports for IOT sensors and energy saving

Advizeo needed a product which could take an Excel file as an input, Allow inser...

Added: 4 weeks ago [3/30/2018] Downloads: 6 Views: 9


File Size: 584 KB

Using Aspose Task to Mega.Office.MSProject.Server

Mega Sistemas needed to to read and write data to MPP files, but as they control...

Added: 4 weeks ago [3/30/2018] Downloads: 4 Views: 18


File Size: 447 KB

Qualetech used Aspose.Total to create previews and extract text in Visiodoc.

Qualetech we needed a library that can reliably Preview and Extract the text of ...

Added: 4 weeks ago [3/30/2018] Downloads: 4 Views: 11


File Size: 476 KB

SCONCE uses Aspose.Words for generating Word and PDF documents.

SCONCE has helped many Fortune 1000 companies maximize the value of their PLM an...

2/13/2018 Downloads: 35 Views: 0


File Size: 529 KB

Techior Solutions uses Aspose.Imaging for their Question Paper Generator

Learn how Aspose.Imaging helped convert word Math Type equations to images in Ja...

2/13/2018 Downloads: 11 Views: 25


File Size: 338 KB

Using Aspose.PDF to build the Board Pack

Learn how BoardPro relies on Aspose.PDF

2/13/2018 Downloads: 19 Views: 31


File Size: 818 KB

S2T uses Aspose.Words for rendering all types of fonts

S2T is a developer of web-intelligence, cyber-intelligence, and horizon scanning...

2/13/2018 Downloads: 19 Views: 28


File Size: 282 KB

Xpand IT develops an Add-Ons for JIRA and uses Aspose.Total

Xpand IT chose Aspose.Total, since they are already satisfied clients, Their dev...

7/20/2017 Downloads: 99 Views: 106


File Size: 720 KB